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send equihash coins in intervals with bash script
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file to run:

Script to send equihash coins:

Intended for a simple transaction or to spread out payments over multiple addresses and have them gradually sent over time


choice for type of coin, script to pick appropriate program - COIN & PROGRAM,

choice for one or more addresses - T_ADDRESS space delimited,

choice for payment amount per interval - AMOUNT,

choice for number of intervals - INTERVALS,

choice for time in seconds between intervals - SLEEP_INTERVAL, interval in seconds

choice for return adddress - RETURN_ADDRESS for compliance purposes,

choice for memorandum - MEMO,

choice for recepient address - RECEPIENT

Long-term: I would like to add a bit of internationalization with a choice of language Load defaults from json or similar compact notation, allow user to set defaults with a cli-based script and perhaps a simple GUI add z_address send add choice for interval time randomization use the memo section to extend json expansion out of the container - experimental

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