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(require 'asdf)
;; parsing specified args from sh start script
(defparameter *dev-server-p* (sb-unix::posix-getenv "dev")
"Specifies whether server should load dev libs and start swank server")
(defparameter *db-action* (sb-unix::posix-getenv "action")
"Specifies which action should accomplish start script (start-shard, start-router, etc)")
(defparameter *server-name* (sb-unix::posix-getenv "servername")
"Specifies server name, which is used as name of screen, and also used for searching options in config file")
(defparameter *master-p* (when (sb-unix::posix-getenv "masterspecifier")
(string= "master" (sb-unix::posix-getenv "masterspecifier")))
"Must be \"master\" or \"slave\" (used only for shard). Specifies whether master or slave part of shard should be started.")
(defparameter *swank-port* (parse-integer (sb-unix::posix-getenv "swankport"))
"Specifies port to start swank on, if dev flag specified; if no port given, use 4005")
;; loaading all required libs
(mapcar #'(lambda (lib-path)
(push lib-path asdf:*central-registry*))
;; list of all libs' paths
;; when dev param specified, add dev libs to list
(if *dev-server-p*
(append (directory "libs/*/")
(directory "dev-libs/*/"))
;; else
(directory "libs/*/")))
;; load dev libs
(when *dev-server-p*
(asdf:load-system :swank))
;; start swank
(when (and *dev-server-p* *swank-port*
(swank:create-server :port *swank-port* :dont-close t)))
(push #P"./" asdf:*central-registry*)
;; load specified system
((string= "start-router" *db-action*)
(asdf:load-system :router))
((string= "start-shard" *db-action*)
(asdf:load-system :shard))
(t (error "Unknown action ~A" *db-action*)))
;; load hunchentoot the webserver
(asdf:load-system :hunchentoot)
;; accomplish on-start tasks
((string= "start-router" *db-action*)
(let ((package (find-package :router)))
(funcall (intern (symbol-name 'config-load) package))
(funcall (intern (symbol-name 'start-server) package)
*server-name* :dev *dev-server-p*)))
((string= "start-shard" *db-action*)
(let ((package (find-package :shard)))
(funcall (intern (symbol-name 'config-load) package))
(funcall (intern (symbol-name 'start-server) package)
*server-name* *master-p* :dev *dev-server-p*)
(funcall (intern (symbol-name 'db-load) package))))
(t (error "Unknown action ~A" *db-action*)))
(print *master-p*)
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