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komar edited this page Nov 21, 2018 · 5 revisions

Welcome to the putty wiki!

This repository maintain EvoLogics patches against Simon's current PuTTY

Download binaries for windows from this link or second mirror. Binary release also contain precompiled sz.exe and rz.exe from LePutty.

Features maintained in branches:

feature/raw-eol: Add possibility change End Of Line (EOL) for Raw TCP connection.

By default putty use \r\n EOL. Now it can be changed to \r or \n also. Usefull to work as replacement of nc.exe.

feature/xyz-modem: Merge LePutty XYZ-Modem patch with some fixes.

This feature allow Windows user upload/download files/directories with putty via serial port or ssh connection.

Also add new features:

  • Autodetection of Zmodem download. Just type in console `sz -e file1 file2`, and downloading must automatically starting.
  • Drag-and-drop files for upload
  • Store/load configuration settings for XYZModem
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