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Evolution X

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Official Support Guidelines & Rules

Official Support Application | XDA Thread Template | Devices Repository

Before you submit a pull request to add your device to our list of official devices, you should know a few simple things:

1. To become a maintainer of Evolution X:

1.2 - Maintainers must have a way to test their builds. Either owning the device, or sending builds to a reliable/trusted person to test for you. Completely blind and/or untested builds are not permitted.

1.3 - Applicants that physically own the device, will have the preference on receiving maintainship.

1.4 - You MUST have knowledge of git.

1.5 - You MUST compile an unofficial build and make the device stable for daily usage prior to submitting an appplication.

1.6 - You MUST have your device sources publicly available for us take a look at.

1.7 - You mustn't be a placeholder of another maintainer that was removed. Applications considered of that nature will not be accepted.

2. Maintainers code of conduct:

2.1 - Maintainers MUST import their trees to

2.2 - Maintainers MUST test EVERY update before uploading/Pushing OTA.

2.3 - Maintainers MUST keep the authorship of Git commits, even if it's their device tree, kernel or vendor source. Lots of git commit --amend and force-push are acceptable.

2.4 - Relationship fights can be done via pm through Telegram or XDA.

2.5 - Maintainers will need to add/execute 'export CUSTOM_BUILD_TYPE=OFFICIAL' in/against their build environment in order to compile as OFFICIAL with OTA Updater.

2.6 - ROM source must not be modified in any way when releasing builds as OFFICIAL. If caught doing so, maintainership will be revoked without warning.

3. JSON Parameters

Param Description Required
name Device name Yes
brand Device manufacturer Yes
codename Device codename, eg: tissot Yes
version_code Version code, lowercase, eg: pie Yes
version_name Version name, will be shown on download portal, eg: pie Yes
maintainer_name Your name Yes
maintainer_url Your personal URL, eg: or No
xda_thread XDA thread URL, eg: No
Param Description Required
filename Build file (.zip) name Yes
filesize Build file (.zip) size (in bytes) Yes
filehash Build file (.zip) md5 hash Yes
datetime Build file (.zip) time Yes
id Build file (.zip) hash Yes
maintainer your name Yes
news_url Yes
website_url Yes
forum_url XDA Thread Yes
telegram_username Your telegram username Yes
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