A free and open source game which runs on the Spring RTS Engine
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Join our Discord community at: https://discord.gg/WUbAs2f

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/EvolutionRTS/GeneralDiscussion

Evolution RTS

Evolution RTS is a free an Open Source RTS game designed using the Spring Engine. It has been in development for over 5 years and receives updates often. Its gameplay is designed specifically to appeal to gamers of all skill levels. The gameplay is designed around the use of unit groups, and the mixture of your unit group often will determine how successful you are in battle, as opposed to churning out hundreds of the same unit continually.

The economy and teching system is easy to learn and use. The game itself supplies many tools that make managing your economy easier so that you can focus more on crushing your enemy than of playing simcity in your base. Units interact using realistic physics and varied terrain (you can actually micro units in order to dodge projectiles!).

Below is a very short list of the features that Evolution RTS has to offer:

Realistic Physics

Projectiles and units use a realistic physics system which allow for unprecedented control and gameplay. Micro your units to avoid projectiles. Hide behind terrain for cover.

Epic and Macro scales

Control the battlefield and a level that feels the most comfortable to you, whether zoomed in controlling individual units, zoomed out viewing the entire map and issuing orders on a macro scale, or somewhere in between! You are in complete control!

Fine tuning controls for builders

Set builders on repeat so that they repeat the orders you give infinitely until they die. Adjust builder priority in order to control the amount of resources allocated to that specific builder’s construction project.

Unique Cover System allows you to easily set up ambushes

Hide your army in rocks and foilage completely undetected and lie in wait to ambush your enemy!

Gameplay geared towards casual gamers in addition to hardcore rts fans, as opposed to only being fun to play at the higher levels

Gameplay designed around being easy to learn yet hard to master. As a newbie you can be up and running in no time, and the gameplay ensures that just because you are new, you aren’t necessarily at a huge disadvantage.

Hundreds of units at once

The Spring Engine allows for hundreds or thousands of units to be beating the daylights out of each other all at once. Gameplay scales seamlessly to fit!

Unique unit abilities

Discover units with special abilities, such as the ORB with it’s incredible area healing abilities, or the Overseer with it’s EMP ability!

Simple Economy

The economy is designed to be easy to learn, and use. There are only two resources in the game; Energy and Metal. Energy is used for utility purposes such as unit ammunition, powering shields, and building nuclear missiles, whereas metal is used to construct structures and units. Metal income is split between allies and resources that overflow the player’s capacity automatically flow into allies banks.

Easy to learn teching system

Simple teching system that revolves around using the same buildings that supply energy as a means to increase your tech availability ensure seamless transitions into heavier unit technologies.

Incredible effects

Full particle effects engine and beautiful effects painstakingly created down to the last detail ensure that every battle will be visually stunning!

Full Soundtrack

Full in-game soundtrack that highlights the mood based upon whether you are building structures in your base or engaged in an all out no holds barred war for survival will keep you on your toes and fuel your need for dominance! Over 40+ tracks!

Easy battle formations

Easy to use battle formations via selecting a group of units, right-clicking and dragging on the map make it easy for you to give complex orders to your units, even in the midst of a battle!

Intelligent Unit Targeting AI

Units automatically target the best enemy units to attack on their own, leaving you to concentrate on formations, flanking, and commanding your army!

Give orders via the mini-map

Full unit orders can be given via the minimap, so you can control your units intuitively no matter where your camera is pointing.

Place map markers with or without labels, and draw directly on the map

Map markers, drawing, and labels make it easy for you and your allies to communicate your battle plans, and illustrate them!

Unit balance dependent on unit mixture instead of one unit owning an entire army all by itself

Unit balance is designed so that composition matters more than simply churning out hordes of the most expensive unit.

Intelligent builder AI

Builders have a plethora of tools and options available to use to help you with macro tasks so that you can focus on kicking robotic ass!

Completely customizeable GUI

The in-game gui can easily be moved around, resized, and position exactly how you like it! Be your own boss!

Gorgeously detailed unit textures and designs

Weekly scheduled gaming events that are streamed live!

Streamed live every Saturday at 5pm GMT at http://www.evolutionrts.info/stream and http://www.twitch.tv/evolutionrts

Automatic ladder ranking and replay system http://replays.springrts.com/

Completely free, forever! Open Source! http://www.source.evolutionrts.info

Evolution RTS is a continually evolving and developing game; Come and join our community! We love having more people to talk to and play with! Pre-emptively, welcome to our community!