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Better tooltip

Main feature: replace certain text with icons for better readability
Round corners only apply when it is not touching corners of the screen (tweak move to be implemented)
Damage is displayed as a sum of all weapons for selected unit, split for different damage types
Range is displayed as maximum attack range of selected unit
Unit status like "Enemy, paralyzed, build progress" are shown
Build power, supply cost, supply granted are shown
Shield, armor type are shown
Colour added for tooltip for commands like "fight" for better readability
Reclaim value for features and wreckages also uses resource icons and correct colouring
Highest upgrade level among a groups of selected units is shown
Hotkeys for building units is shown
And more miscellaneous improvements that I may have forgotten to list here
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CommonPlayer committed Jan 3, 2019
1 parent 6ccbf4a commit 4a68ef06719702949de38915c1ab86f9ecc48ea9
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