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Unit Basics

Armour Class

There are three armour classes in Evolution RTS: Light, Armoured, and Building. The Light and Armoured classes belong to mobile units ; Building is hopefully self-explanatory! These are important as most units are efficient only against certain armour types, and will inflict somewhat lower damage (usually about half, but sometimes more or less. Usually less) against other targets.

Mobile Unit Types

While you can highlight any given unit and hold the space bar to learn everything you could ever wish to know about a unit type, or simply memorise this wiki page, in-game it will generally be faster and easier to zoom out and take a look at the icons when you want to get a general idea of a unit's capabilities. Armour class is denoted by the icon's background. On the ground, Light units have a flattened bar; Armoured types have a larger hexagon. Air units have a triangle (they are all, with one exception, Light units so further differentiation isn't strictly necessary). Weapon specialties are described below. Buildings have a unique icon with no background at all.


These units essentially replicate the function of the Overseer, which is to say, creating base structures. Most cannot metamorphose into new forms, however, and rather than generating Energy and Metal when moved close to an Energy Core (aka a dead unit), they will create a small flying drone called a MidKnight with which to irritate your enemy (these can be lethal in large swarms).


Raiders are small, fast units. They are universally weak against Armoured unit types, but can be very dangerous against Light units. Some are also efficient Building-killers, but on the other hand, others are not. These are one of the more varied unit types! They share the same icon type; four eastward-facing chevrons.

Riot Units

These are designed to disable large groups of units in order to make them quiescent to your Raiders and Tank Destroyers. To this end they mount EMP cannons that can temporarily disable other units. They also have an alternate firing mode; the 'shotgun', that fires a number of damaging pellets at once, but reloads very slowly. In either case they are most dangerous to Light units. They are distinguished on the battlefield by a pair of lightning bolts.

Tank Destroyers

These will, as the name implies, are there evaporate your enemy's mobile units. Each type has it's own quirks, and most are specialised against either Light or Armoured targets; some are more generalised, although these tend to have a somewhat lower overall DPS. All are penalised against Buildings. In the strategic view, these can be spotted by their bullet/rocket icons. The number of icons denotes it's specialty: 1 bullet/rocket: Most efficient against Light units 2 bullets: ... Armoured units 3 bullets: ... both varities. The missile units have unique properties that make them worth differentiating from their more prosaic brethren, but they do the same basic work.


As in '... the base', not 'rifle'. These are demolition units and, when put to proper use, will make short work of stationary Buildings, but they will struggle against mobile enemies and should be provided with an escort. They have an explosion as an icon (to some, it may more closely resemble a hedgehog).