How to Play: Command Reference

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Mouse Button 1 (left) Select unit/s (also perform selected order, eg: build selected building)
Mouse Button 2 (right) Default order. Depending on target:
- Move. (drag mouse for line formation)
- Attack / Repair / Reclaim. (drag to target an area)
- Build incomplete building or unit.
- Guard.
- If an order has been manually selected/hotkeyed, click to cancel.
Scroll Wheel Zoom in/out
Mouse Button 3
(click scroll wheel)
Move to point on minimap
(Mouse 1 & 2 are used to select units and give orders on minimap)
L Toggles Line Of Sight view
+ (Mouse 1 or 2)
- Queue order. Queue as many as you like. (shift+drag to queue a line of buildings)
- Add unit/s to group
CTRL + Mouse 1 Remove unit/s from group
[ and ] Rotate building (first select something to build and then rotate)
A Attack (attack unit/ground)
M Move
F Fight (as move, but units will stop to kill enemies along the way)
G Guard
P Patrol. (Moves back and forth between current position and patrol position)
S Stop
Q Repeat
E Reclaim
R Repair
X On/Off. (as the unit on/off button)
K Cloak on/off
SHIFT + S Sell Selected Unit(s)
CTRL + D Self Destruct Selected Unit(s)
SHIFT + W Queue 'wait' command
W Toggle the wait command
CTRL + number (1-0) Assign group
alt + number (1-0) Permanently assign group to unit whenever that unit is built
number (1-0) Select group
Double Click Select all units of targetted type in view
CTRL + Z Select all units of selected type on map.
CTRL + A Select all units on map.
ALT + SHIFT (+ mouse click & drag) Build a rectangular area of buildings.
SHIFT (+ mouse click & drag) Build a line of buildings.
SHIFT + CTRL (+ mouse click & drag) Build a line of buildings with fixed angles of 90 degrees.
CTRL + SHIFT (+ mouse click) Build a circular area of buildings around some other building (must point on the building with mouse cursor).
TAB Zooms out to see the whole map.
F1 Shows heightmap
F2 Shows areas where you can build (if the building what you want to build is selected)
F3 Goes to the latest spot of action (also goes to the latest markers)
F5 Hides User Interface
F6 Turns sounds off
F9 Turns healthbars off
F12 Takes a screenshot

Multiplayer Communication

` + Mouse Button 1 Draw on map.
(On a UK/US keyboard ` is to the key left of 1. The same functionality is mapped to the \ key)
` + Mouse Button 2 Erase markers and drawings
` + Mouse Button 3 Place marker
` + Double Click Place marker with annotation
ALT + ENTER Allied chat
SHIFT + ENTER Spectator chat
CTRL + ENTER Return to global chat