How to Play:Gameplay: Energy Cores

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How to Play: Energy Cores (4 minute video)

How to Play: Energy Cores

Energy Cores

Energy cores are tiny cylinders left by units when they die. There are two ways to utilize them:

  1. Move an engineer close to them and they'll get converted into MidKnights — tiny drones that are useful for scouting and minor harassment.

  2. Move your overseer or an Orb (any engineer can make Orbs) near them and they will be consumed giving you +5 metal and +5 energy for each core.

After a large engagement there are often dozens of cores laying around, so make sure to send an Orb there to get a nice resource boost.

Due to the Orb's ability to reclaim energy cores it's customary to include one in your army so that it can consume cores left by your and your opponent's dead units and maybe even heal your stuff up if you catch a break.