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Offensive Buildings


Lobbers are long range turrets that can only target buildings. This turret cannot automatically target buildings and must have the target manually selected. Lobbers are great for taking down anti-nuke shields as you can use them to target the shield and drain its power quite rapidly allowing for your nuclear missile to get through and hit it's target.

Defensive Buildings


Immolators are turrets that deal high damage towards enemy units that are heavily armored. They will still do fine against lightly armored units yet, because of their slower fire rate, they can be quickly overwhelmed by large groups of units. Immolators are built to deal with units such as Sledges and Levelers because of their armor type.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rods are turrets that deal lower damage than their Immolator counterpart but have a much faster fire rate and deal more damage against lightly armored units such as raiders. They will do better against swarms of lightly armored units than an Immolator would but, the Lightning Rod will be weaker against larger heavily armored units such as Anvils.


The protector is an anti nuke shield. When fully charged, the shield can stop a nuclear missile and protect you from a devastating blow to your base. They can also connect to other shields such as Widows and Kmars to share their energy and increase their power.