Emacs with Lisp

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You can download the latest version of Emacs from its website. To handle the communication between Lisp and Emacs, we recommend using SLIME. Instructions on how to link SLIME with Emacs are given on the same page.

These are the basic key bindings to deal with files in Emacs (the C normally corresponds to ctrl and the M to either alt or the command key on Mac)

C-x C-f    Open file
C-x C-s    Save file
C-x k      Close buffer
C-x-right  Next buffer
C-x-left   Previous buffer

Here are some essential key bindings for working with Lisp:

C-M-x      Evaluate top-level expression
C-x C-e    Evaluate expression at cursor
C-c C-c    Compile expression
C-c C-k    Compile buffer
C-M-right  Next s-expression
C-M-left   Previous s-expression
C-M-up     Up in s-expression

Especially C-x C-e "Evaluate expression at cursor" is of essential importance as it allows you to evaluate an expression.

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