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MidPoint 4.9 Development Branch

General information:

MidPoint is a comprehensive Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform. It is used by the organizations around the world to deal with Identity Provisioning, Identity Governance & Compliance and also Access Management. As for the identity being a security perimeter, midPoint keeps safe both organization’s internal network and external resources. The most important features of midPoint are:

  • Identity Governance
  • Security auditing and reporting
  • Organizational structure management
  • Credential Management
  • Request approval
  • Entitlement Management

Read more about these features at

Other features:

  • User provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Administration GUI
  • Identity repository implementation (SQL)
  • Custom schema extensibility
  • Identity synchronization (liveSync, reconciliation, discovery, import)
  • Support for expressions in synchronization mappings (Groovy, JavaScript, Python)
  • Advanced RBAC support with temporal constraints
  • Identity management process automation (workflow, notifications)
  • Password policies
  • Password reset
  • Entitlements
  • Archetypes
  • Support for ConnId connectors
  • Provisioning consistency and error handling
  • Data protection (experimental)
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Local Java APIs, Remote web service interface (SOAP), REST API
  • High availability (HA) support

For more information about midPoint identity manager please go to:

For bugtracking system please go to:

MidPoint source code is maintained on github:

Latest source code can be obtained from our Git repository using one of the following repository locations:

This project is dual-licensed under Apache License 2.0 and European Union Public License. The documentation is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. See LICENSE file for details.