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This directory contains the necessary code to reproduce the gradient ascent images in the paper: Figures 13, S3, S4, S5, S6, and S7. This is research code, and so it may contain paths and such that are particular to our setup that will need to be changed for your own setup.

Important note: this code requires the slightly modified version of caffe in this repository's ascent branch. If you try running on master, you'll get an error about backward_from_layer. See the below steps for using the correct branch.

If you find any bugs, please submit a PR!

If you have any trouble getting the code to work, please get in touch, and we'll help where we can.

Notes on running the gradient ascent code

Simple steps to generate one fooling image

We'll walk through exact steps to generate a fooling image of a lion (class 291) using gradient ascent on the output unit for lion.

First, clone the repo and checkout the ascent branch:

[~] $ git clone git@github.com:Evolving-AI-Lab/fooling.git
[~] $ cd fooling
[~/fooling] $ git checkout ascent
[~/fooling] $ cd caffe

Configure and compile caffe. See installation instructions. Make sure to compile the python bindings too:

[~/fooling/caffe] $ make -j && make -j pycaffe

Once Caffe is built, continue by fetching some auxiliary data (synsets.txt and a pre-trained model):

[~/fooling/caffe] $ cd data/ilsvrc12
[~/fooling/caffe/data/ilsvrc12] $ ./get_ilsvrc_aux.sh
[~/fooling/caffe/data/ilsvrc12] $ cd ../../ascent
[~/fooling/caffe/ascent] $ wget 'http://c.yosinski.com/caffenet-yos-weights'

Now we're ready to run the optimization. To find a quick fooling image for the Lion class (idx 291) using only 3 gradient steps, run the following:

[~/fooling/caffe/ascent] $ ./find_fooling_image.py --push_idx 291 --N 3
0    Push idx: 291, val: 0.00209935 (n02129165 lion, king of beasts, Panthera leo)
      Max idx: 815, val: 0.0114864 (n04275548 spider web, spider's web)
1    Push idx: 291, val: 0.00962483 (n02129165 lion, king of beasts, Panthera leo)
      Max idx: 330, val: 0.0224016 (n02325366 wood rabbit, cottontail, cottontail rabbit)
2    Push idx: 291, val: 0.0518007 (n02129165 lion, king of beasts, Panthera leo)
      Max idx: 291, val: 0.0518007 (n02129165 lion, king of beasts, Panthera leo)
Result: majority success