LTE SDR cell scanner optimized to work with very low performance RF front ends (8bit A/D, 20dB noise figure)
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LTE Cell Scanner / Tracker

This is a collection of tools to locate and track LTE basestation cells using
very low performance RF front ends. For example, these tools work with RTL2832
based dongles (E4000, R820T, etc.) which have a noise figure of 20dB, only 8
bits in the A/D, and a crystal with a frequency error of about 100 ppm.

The 'CellSearch' program can be used to search for LTE carriers within a range
of frequencies.  Once an LTE frequency has been located, 'LTE-Tracker' can be
used to monitor and track, in realtime, any LTE cells on that frequency.

The main documentation in html format can be found on the web at:
And in the doc/index.html subdirectory of this distribution.

For questions, comments, or bug reports, contact James Peroulas, or check the bugtracker on github:

Quick build instructions:
  cd LTE-Cell-Scanner
  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..

  sudo make install

Quick usage instructions:

Search for LTE carriers within a common LTE frequency range used in the US:
  CellSearch --freq-start 715e6 --freq-end 768e6

Start tracking LTE cells on frequency 739 MHz:
  LTE-Tracker -f 739000000