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Simple Bash based bot
Python Shell
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Simple Bash based bot

Q: What does it do?

A: Currently, it's running on my server. Users can run commands to trigger scripts on my linux box. Currently, commands include:

ssay: Convert some words into a big image

ssub: makes an image out of some text in a similar manner to a old anime sub. Will work on this later to add the ability to cusomize background images laters.

sfull: takes a full screenshot of my system

swindow: takes a screenshot of my currently active window

sselect: gives me a rectangle selection tool and sends the screenshot that generates to the server

sweb: takes a 1920x1080 still from my webcam and posts it on the server

smov: records a 10 second clip from my webcam with audio, converts it to vp9 webm, and uploads it to the server

svox: Automatically stitch together .wav files in the VOX folder by name and upload the combined file. Seen working here: Note: They all have to be the same bitrate and use the same amount of channels to be used in the same sound composite.

cls: Uploads a bunch of blank images to clear the chat window. I'd comment this out if you have some people who would spam it

screenfetch: just uploads a screenfetch (Specs) from the host PC.

Q: Why would you do this?

A: boredom, and its kind of neat being a human zoo.

Q: Can I run this?

A: Should be able to. It's obviously only going to work on a linux system, and the only thing I've tested it on is antergos, but as long as you have the prereqs installed and your API key slotted in it should work fine.

Q: Prereqs?

A: Glad you asked.





-sox (Sound eXchange)

-ImageMagick (Convert)

-San-Francisco-Display-Light (Font. You can change it if you want in and if you want )

-Python3 with

Q: where should I put it?

A: just clone it into your home directory. Should work.

git clone

python ~/.dominae/

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