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Dominae 2

A BASH and Rewrite based Discord bot (Linux only!) Main use is for taking pictures through the webcam of the system running the bot, along with other fun bits and bobs

Getting Started

To get started, you need to have .dominae in your home directory and you need to run the install script to get all the prerequisites installed and the scripts in the right places, then you can run dominae -t <token> to set your bot token. then just run dominae and you should up up and running!

git clone
cp -r /Dominae-2/.dominae/ ~
cd ~/.dominae/sh
dominae -t <bot token>

To run the bot in logging mode (for example if you want to start it up with your machine) you need to run

dominae -l

this will write all bot activity to ~/.dominae/txt/log.txt


If you'd rather install the prerequisites yourself, or the script isn't working on your system here are all the required packages


You'll also need to install some python modules. you can do that by doing this

sudo python3.5 -m pip install -U
sudo python3.5 -m pip install -U aiohttp
sudo python3.5 -m pip install -U websockets

Once that's done you should copy my startup script to your bin to make launching easier, you can do that by running this

sudo cp ~/.dominae/sh/dominae /usr/bin

If you'd rather run it without the launch script, just remember to put your bot token in ~/.dominae/txt/token.txt, if it doesn't exist, create it. Run the bot with python35 ~/.dominae/

Bot Features

shelp shows this message. Who'd have thought?

sweb Takes a picture through my webcam

smov Takes a short clip through my webcam

sfull Takes a full screenshot of my monitors

swindow Takes a screenshot of the current window I'm using

sselect Forces me to select an area to screenshot

sserver Takes a screenshot of a remote system[Not working (for now!)]

sservecam Takes a picture from a remote systems camera [Not working (for now!)]

ssay Generates a text image out of some text

svox Generates an audio VOX sound. Use svox help for more info

#PREFIX Sets the bot prefix. Default is s

#ON / #OFF Enables or Disables all bot functions

scombo This is meant to take every available image and stitch them together into one giant image to post. It's not functional without the new SSH system implemented so consider this a 'coming soon' type deal.

Note: You might notice there are some functions that connect to other machines. These use SSH and aren't ready to be implemented in my public release of this bot. I will have a system for setting this up eventually.

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