Code for the tutorial series on creating Microservices with Golang
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This is the codebase for the multi-part series on writing microservices in Golang found here.

Table of contents (this may change as the series progresses)

  1. Tutorial one - $ git checkout tutorial-1 - Microservice basics, gRPC and protobuf basics.
  2. Tutorial two - $ git checkout tutorial-2 - Docker basics, creating a second service, integrating go-micro.
  3. Tutorial three - $ git checkout tutorial-3 - Creating a third service. Introducing docker-compose. Introducing Mongodb and mgo, adding a datastore.
  4. Tutorial four (TODO) - Authentication.
  5. Tutorial four (TODO) - Introducing NATS and message brokering.
  6. Tutorial five (TODO) - Creating a user-interface. Introducing gRPC-gateway for exposing RESTful endpoints for web.
  7. Tutorial six (TODO) - Deploying to Google Cloud part 1 - introducing Terraform and Google Cloud.
  8. Tutorial seven (TODO) - Deploying to Google Container Engine - introducing Container Engine and Kubernetes.
  9. Tutorial eight (TODO) - Setting up continuous integration with CircleCI.
  10. Tutorial nine (TODO) - API gateway and routing. Introducing Kong.
  11. Tutorial ten (TODO) - Conclusion.