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The Dirobium assembler
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The Dirobium ASsembler (pronounced dir-as)


Make sure you have python3 installed before following these steps.

First, clone this repo to a safe place (like your home directory). Then run this in your terminal:

echo "#\!/bin/bash" > /usr/local/bin/diras
echo "python3 </path/to/diras/repo>/src $1 $2" >> /usr/local/bin/diras
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/diras

You should now be able to type diras into your terminal, and see this:

Incorrect usage of command: diras
        Please use: diras /path/to/file /output/file


DirAS' mnemonics map directly to the Dirobium basic instruction set. They are:

mnemonic example description
mov mov 1 r1 moves a value to a loaction
add add 1 5 r2 adds two values and stores them in a location
sub sub 7 18 r3 subtracts two values and stores them in a location
mull mull 8 8 r4 multiplies two values and stores them in a location
div div 6 12 divides two values and stores them in a location
ret ret 1 stores a value in the return register (e1)
call call 1 calls a device or function with the corresponding id
load load rom loads something into memory
jmp jmp rom 0 jumps to a function or file loaded into memory at specified location (if supported)
jmpf jmpf 20 jumps forward 20 instructions (not yet supported)
jmpb jmpb 40 jumps backwards 40 instructions (not yet supported)


The registers: r0 - r9 can be used for whatever you would like. The registers: e0 - e9 are used for calling functions and other system calls. The register: e1 is for storing a return value. Do not edit directly, use the ret mnemonic.

Building a program

To build a program for the Dirobium emulator, use:

diras /path/to/input/file ./main.rom

Then copy main.rom into the root of your Dirobium emulation environment.

(main program is called main.rom and the bootloader is called bootloader.rom do not mix these up)

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