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A simple devRant api wrapper for the lazy people
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A simple devRant api wrapper for the lazy people


First, get it from pip

pip install devRantSimple

Then, import the library

import devRantSimple as dRS

That's it!


These are the avalible functions and vars:

import devRantSimple as dRS

# Rant Types
# These are passed in to some functions to specify what data you want returned
dRS.RantType.algo   # Algo    # Top
dRS.RantType.recent # Recent

# Invalid Response
# This is a string returned by some functions when something goes wrong.
# It is always a smart idea to check if the thing returned by the function you are using is equal to this
# If it is, you messsed up somewhere. (or the api changed)

# Functions
dRS.getUserId("<username>")   # Get a user id from a username (returns an int)
dRS.userExists("<username>")  # Check to see if a user exists with this username (returns a bool)

dRS.getRant(dRS.RantType.<type>, <n>) # Get the n'th rant from list <type> 
# Example return data for these parameters: (dRS.RantType, 1):
# {'id': 1604103, 'text:': "Oh yeah. Hey guys. 2 things. \nFirst off. Forgot to say. Officially got a job. Finally. So thank you for all the help/advice and patience with my depressive rants!! \n\nI'm in a new chapter of my life now so thanks. \n\nAnd secondly. \n\nI FUCKING HATE MY JOB", 'score': 66, 'username': 'al-m'}

dRS.getUserRant("<username>", <n>)  # Get the n'th most recent rant posted by <username>
# Example return data for these parameters: ("ewpratten", 1):
# {'text': 'I wonder..\n\nDo the new devduck capes say "" on the back? Or do they still say ""', 'score': 20, 'tags': ['devrant', 'i wonder'], 'id': 1600704}

More functions, data, and info will come soon.


This is an example script that gets every rant posted by a user (one at a time) and prints it to the screen:

import devRantSimple ad dRS

username = "ewpratten

prevdata = ""
i = 0
while prevdata != dRS.InvalidResponse:
	prevdata = dRS.getUserRant(username, i)["text"]
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