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💾 Get a dump of your entire history on devRant
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💾 Get a dump of your entire history on devRant

People frequently come and go from devRant, but must leave their data behind due to the platform's lack of a data export tool. devrant_dl is a community tool designed to fix that problem.


To install devrant_dl, make sure both python3 and python3-pip are installed on your machine, then run:

# Install
pip3 install devrant_dl

# View help
devrant_dl -h


usage: devrant_dl [-h] [--rants-only] username output

Download all of your devRant account data

positional arguments:
  username              The (valid) username of your account
  output                An (empty) directory to dump your data into

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --rants-only          Only download rants
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