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This is the official GeoKey project website.

The website is hosted in GitHub Pages — any commit that is pushed to the branch gh-pages is immediately reflected on the live website.

Adding to the website

Running the site locally

It is recommended to run the site on your machine when you plan to add to the site.

Follow these steps to install an run the site locally:

What you need

Install the following packages:

Install the requirements

In the directory geokey-website:

  • Run bower install to install Bootstrap (Sass distribution)
  • Run npm install to install the build requirements

Building the site

In the directory geokey-website:

  • Run grunt to build the CSS and optimise images

Running the site

In the directory geokey-website:

  • Serve the site using jekyll serve - the site should be accessible under http://localhost:4000/

When running the commend, Jekyll collects all static files, blog posts and collections and coverts markdown into HTML. The finished build of the site can the be found in the directory _site.

Directories and files

The directory structure of this site follows the standard Jekyll site structure.

The config file

_config.yml is the config file Jekyll uses to build the site (see docs).


All templates that Jekyll uses to convert markdown into HTML live in _layouts.

Each markdown file has a front matter that defines, which template to use when converting.

Templates themselves can have a front matter — in that case the content of the current template is nested into the template defined in the front matter.


Some content is used in different places across the site. These includes live in _includes.


All blog posts can be found in _posts (see Writing posts in the Jekyll docs).

All documents in these directories are Markdown files.


Documentation as well as help and extension sites are grouped into collections:

  • _docs contains documentation of the web API and the programming API, /docs/ on the site
  • _extensions contains all extension pages, /extensions/ on the site
  • _help contains the help section, /help/ on the site

All documents in these directories are Markdown files.

All other directories and files

Other directories and files are static files. When the site is build, they a simply copied into the _site directory.


The official GeoKey website




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