@nlgzrgn nlgzrgn released this Dec 11, 2018

Assets 3
  • Fixed an issue with Immobile Collisions Fox. (wrong ini entry)
Assets 3
  • Changed defaults for some settings.
  • Replaced "Advanced Force Heat Level" hack with "Ultimate Force Heat Level" hack.
  • Added toggle cops option for Ultimate Force Heat Level hack.
  • Added Freeze Camera option.
  • Added an option to expand memory pools.
  • Fixed default button issue with hot position dialog boxes.
  • Re-added main thread delay. (Should fix lag issues from v7.)
  • Changed cop lights and headlights methods with more proper ones.
  • Removed brightness settings for them.
  • Fixed an issue with Load Any Save Game hack. Non-Extra Options users now should be able to load save games from Extra Options users.
  • Removed Time bug fix.
Assets 4

(Update Video will be available when it's uploaded.)

v7.0.1.1338 (Build 7; Rev.01) :

  • Changed default values and comments for some ini options.
  • Fixed an issue with SelectableMarkerCount option.

v7.0.1.1337 (Build 7; Rev.01) :

  • Added Debug Watch Car camera.
  • Added an option to let AI opponents select more cars.
  • Added an option to make car randomizations work like NFS Carbon. (Random cars without vinyls)
  • Added an option to show unique visual parts in customization shop.
  • Added an option to show "Time Of Day" in Video Options menu.
  • Added an option to make more cars and events available in random races.
  • Added NFSU2 Style Look Back camera.
  • Added options to change Debug Camera Turbo and Super Turbo speeds.
  • Added an option to have 100 cars in car lot with new save games.
  • Added an experimental option to remove catch up. (Needs confirmation)
  • Added an option to remove rev limiter. (Better top speeds!)
  • Added an option to change selectable marker count after beating Blacklist rivals.
  • Added some tweaks for speedbreaker.
  • Added an option to show non-pursuit cops in minimap.
  • Added an option to remove player's face pixelation from busted screen.
  • Added speed limit controllers for Speeding, Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving infractions.
  • Added time bug fix.
  • Added an experimental car skin fix. (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)
  • Added a fix for immobile collisions / infinite mass of some objects.
  • Added bordered windowed mode.
  • Added an option to skip Career Intro.
  • Added an option to let users execute multiple instances of the game at the same time.
  • Fixed crash issue for blacklist menu when ReplayBlacklistRaces is enabled.
  • Reworked Cops option into Heat Level option, like in PS2 Alpha 124.
  • Reworked ShowHiddenTracks option with a new race list generation method.
  • ShowHiddenTracks option is now independent from UnlockAllThings.
  • Fixed visibility and position of Maximum Performance button for career customization.
  • Reworked ShowAllCustomizationsForAllCars to ShowMoreCustomizationOptions.
Assets 3
  • Fixed an issue with Cops option for Speedtrap races.
  • Reverted back to old compilation settings. (Increased ASI size again) (That should fix DLL issues, sorry Xan.)
Assets 2

This is an old release.

Note: Rev.01 (v4.0.1.1338) and Rev.02 (v4.0.2.1339) aren't released to public.

NFSMW ExOpts Build 4 Rev.03.zip