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ExaBGP overview

For years, ISP have been using BGP and custom code to perform BGP route injections. ExaBGP was designed to be that tool, a BGP based SDN application which does not get in the way.

ExaBGP is a versatile tool which is best suited for :

  • providing cross data centers failover solutions migrating /32 service IP.
  • mitigating network attacks, centrally deploying network level filters (blackhole and/or flowspec)
  • gathering network information ( using BGP-LS, or BGP with Add-Path)

It is used on our (Exa Networks) own network to make our services resilient to localised problems and to inject Flow routes when we are under DDOS.

Like every application, the software is not without fault but has seen large scale deployment.

Learn more about it

You should read about the following use cases presented below to see how it could help you:


You may find on this wiki the information you are looking for, if not, please feel free to report the issue on the issue tracker but feel free to contribute.

A list of all the wiki pages.


The configuration format of ExaBGP changed between 3.4 and 4.0 - more information here

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