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This is the official ClearTH project repository.


ClearTH is a test automation tool whose primary purpose is testing of Clearing, Settlement and Back-Office Systems.

It is able to simultaneously execute multiple end-to-end test scenarios in batches. Test scenarios can be executed within a schedule, thus providing fully autonomous test execution capabilities.

ClearTH typically interacts with the system under test via its gateways / APIs, but can be easily extended with new protocols and data formats to work with.

ClearTH Core provides basic functionality to execute test scenarios, some automation actions and connectivity support. ClearTH modules extend this functionality with new data formats support and other features.

Applications that use ClearTH are built on top of ClearTH Core, optionally including its modules.


Here are the links to the tutorial videos introducing you to the main features of ClearTH and helping you get set up.

How to build

Build and publish ClearTH Core and modules to a local repository, i.e. "shared" directory in the repository root by executing the following command from the repository root:

$ ./gradlew clean build publish

Create a new project that will use ClearTH Core and its GUI module by executing the following command from the repository root:

$ ./gradlew createProject -PnewProjectDir=../PROJECTDIR -PnewProjectName=PROJECTNAME

The new project will be created in the directory adjacent to the repository root.

Navigate to that new directory and execute the following command to start your new project within the Jetty server:

$ ./gradlew jettyRun

Alternatively, you can use the following command to explicitly build the WAR file with your project and deploy it to the Jetty server:

$ ./gradlew runClearTH

ClearTH GUI will be available at http://localhost:8080/clearth

You can log-in by using the following login/password: