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This is the official Sailfish-core project repository.


Sailfish is a test automation tool whose primary purpose is testing of bi-directional message flows in distributed trading platforms and market data delivery systems. It is a purely back-end tool (meaning that it does not have any front-end GUI testing capabilities) that is typically connected to message gateways / APIs utilized by trading or market data traffic.

The purpose of Sailfish is to minimize manual intervention required to execute test suites. In its more sophisticated deployments Sailfish makes it possible to achieve fully autonomous scheduled test execution that does not require ongoing operator monitoring.

Sailfish has a modular structure whereby a shared framework is used in conjunction with specialized plug-ins. Separate plug-ins are used for each protocol version, such as industry-standard protocols (e. g. FIX, FAST, NTG, ITCH) and proprietary protocols.

build and run instructions

Build all the java projects included in the Sailfish Execute command from the repository root folder

$ ./gradlew clean build -x test

Publish a plugins example into the Sailfish workspace layer (shared_workspace folder in the repository root). Execute command from the repository root folder

$ ./gradlew cleanSharedWorkspace publishPlugin

Run Sailfish by cargo plugin. Execute command from the repository root folder

$ ./gradlew cargoRunLocal -PquickStart

Note: The 'quickStart' property enables the ability to run Sailfish without connecting to a DBMS.

And then, open http://localhost:8080/sfgui

The updated version of Exactpro Sailfish Manual 9.0 is available here:


This set of videos will help you get started with Sailfish and introduce you to its main features.