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Nashville Music Hackathon 2018

Getting Started

To get started download the test data set here:

Clone this repo and place the "input.csv" file into the root of this repository on your machine.

This challenge uses Pandas as a requirement, so make sure you install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Given a bipartite graph, you must write a function connected_components(filepath) that takes a filepath of a csv (format: node_x, node_y), computes the connected components, and outputs to a new csv called "output.csv". (format: cluster_id, node_x, node_y).

For example, given the following input csv:

node_x node_y
1 2
2 4
5 7
7 9
11 12

Your script should create the following output file, called "output.csv" using the "input.csv" provided:

cluster_id node_x node_y
1 1 2
1 2 4
5 5 7
5 7 9
11 11 12

Your solution must optimize memory consumption. An artificial memory constraint of 100 MB has been placed on the process so that all of the data cannot be loaded into memory. Implement your solution in the file provided in this repository.

Testing Your Results:

To test your results run the unittest in

python -m hackathon_tests

Good luck!