Code library for the beaglebone DMCC (Dual Motor Controller Cape)
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DMCC-py.c add getMotorCurrent into Python interface Jun 12, 2014
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getCurrent.c Added v1 of the DMCC library code Aug 22, 2013
setPID.c Revision 2 of the Code May 16, 2014 Initial working python interface for DMCC.setMotor Oct 14, 2013


Code library for the beaglebone DMCC (Dual Motor Controller Cape)

You can find the open source hardware (schematics, PCB, Eagle files) at

Added setPIDPowerLimits function to setup Power limits when running PID.
**Only works with new Mk.07 firmware -- older firmware versions will just ignore the command and keep functioning.

This version includes preliminary code for the python interface.

To use the python interface, run the following commands on your Beaglebone:

opkg update

opkg install python-distutils

python install

To test the setMotor command in python, do the following:

import DMCC


(turns on motor 1 on board 0 with 5000 power)


(reverse direction with 7000 power)


(turn off the motor)

If you run into any problems, feel free to email us at