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Register in acme-dns using Kubernetes secrets


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Register in acme-dns using Kubernetes secrets.


  • Create a container with exagone313/acme-dns-sidecar Docker image.
  • Configure acme-dns to use sqlite3 database engine.
  • Mount acme-dns configuration file and database into that container.
  • Create secrets in the same namespace with these keys:
    • username: a UUID (RFC 4122)
    • password: matches ^[-_A-Za-z0-9]{40}$
    • subdomain: a valid subdomain name

Secret values not following the limitations introduced in acme-dns implementation will be ignored.

Tested with my own acme-dns Docker image although official one should work too.

Additional configuration options

To control which secrets are read by acme-dns-sidecar, you may add these keys to the configuration file. This doesn't introduce any incompatibility with acme-dns as it doesn't read unknown configuration keys.

# only secrets matching these patterns will be read
#field_selector = ""
#label_selector = ""

See also config.cfg for the list of options read by acme-dns-sidecar.

Kubernetes deployment

A sample YAML file for deploying acme-dns-sidecar alongside acme-dns can be found in acmedns.yml.

You need to make sure port 53 is not used on the host, typically by local resolvers bound on



acme-dns-sidecar distribution relies on third party dependencies, such as: