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HYPRE mini-app for use with nalu-wind linear systems

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Hypre mini-app for nalu-wind

A mini-app to use HYPRE solvers and preconditioners on linear systems generated by the nalu-wind low-Mach code.

This app reads the linear system matrix, RHS, and reference solution data in MatrixMarket and HYPRE IJ formats. See example input file for available options.

Installation and Usage


  • Working C++ and C compilers. C++ compiler must support C++11 or higher.
  • Working MPI installation. Need access to mpicc wrappers.

The mini-app also depends on HYPRE and YAML-CPP that are available within the repository as submodules. The build script will compile these submodules as part of the build process.

Basic usage

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd hypre_app

# create build directory
mkdir build
cd build

# Copy sample build script
cp ../etc/

# Edit build script and add necessary configuration

# Build hypre, configure mini-app and compile

# Execute (see etc/hypre_app.yaml for an example input file)
mpiexec -np <N> src/hypre_app INPUT_FILE