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08/27/18 v2.8.0.92: Fix 17m bandtext for IARU 1
08/25/18 v2.8.0.92: Fix DX spotter screen display (speed up laggy display update after I switched to RTF). Update SWL and DXLOC files.
08/21/18 v2.8.0.91: Fix LoTW checking for the same callsign on different bands and modes.
08/06/18 v2.8.0.90: Fix Setup->General->Hardware Config-> RX Only checkbox not remembering.
08/03/18 v2.8.0.89: Modify: checkbox to ignore Beacon Spots.
08/02/18 v2.8.0.88: Modify: LoTW color Gray for Beacons (dx spots with /B as an ancillary prefix)
08/01/18 v2.8.0.88: Add: LoTW USA 50 State checking (by band) in addition to DXCC & Dup checking. Also displays the US State on the DX Spotter screen. Fix: DXCC checking for entities with leading zero's and being properly checked..
Added: FCCDATA.dat file (in database folder) with Callsign/State (based on EN.dat FCC file, but much smaller)
7/30/18 v2.8.0.87: Fix: dx spotter beam heading and spots on world map for cultures (i.e. Europe) with , instead of . as floating point separator.
7/28/18 v2.8.0.86: Right Click on LoTW button will now download QSO & QSL incremental updates to your master LoTW LOG file (downloads which usually take only a few seconds). Incremental updates are based on the last date your LoTW_LOG file was updated.
A full LoTW LOG download only takes place if PowerSDR cannot find the LoTW_LOG.adi file in the database folder. Full LoTW LOG downloads can take up to a few minutes to download.
7/21/18 v2.8.0.85d: Increase LoTW download time limit, speed up spotter display
7/19/18 v2.8.0.85: Fix some LoTW things. Right click on GrayWtr menu item to toggle Pandapter Fill ON/OFF
7/12/18 v2.8.0.84: Allow multiple DX spots on FT8 frequency(s) since people are spotting on the base FT8 frequency(s). Add LoTW database download for DXCC spotting (for those with LoTW accounts). Right Click on CallSign box to open a LoTW password box. This is the password you would use on
First time you use LoTW button it will download your QSO database from LoTW server (Right Click on LoTW button before Left Click, will force a new QSO download from LoTW server.)
DX Spots appear: Purple for NEW dxcc entities (no band), Light Purple if you need dxcc entity for this Band, Green if Station confirmed on this Band, Light Green if Station is confimed but on another Band, Yellow if Station confirmed on another Band, but their dxcc entity confirmed on this Band. Pink if you have this Station on this Band, but unconfirmed, LightPink if you have this Station on some other Band but unconfirmed. Orange indicates you have this Stations dxcc entity confirmed but not this actual Station.
6/3/18 v2.8.0.83: Add I2C bus software controls for SS AMP (see
Fix bandtext for IARU3. Update SWL list (from
5/29/18: v2.8.0.82: Fix: Forgot to add the new Firmware to the Full Installer.
5/26/18: v2.8.0.82: Firmware & BandText Updates: IARU2: gets USB Caribbean Disaster Emergency channels which also show up in the bandText and SWL listing 7.453.5, 7.850, 13.998, 14.415, Belgium: 160m 2mhz, Netherlands: gets IARU1 60m. But all Flex-1500, 3000, 5000 radios get a firmware update. The firmware update will NOT alter Mars radios.
Make sure to Click on the Setup->General->Options->Update BandText button afterwards
Also added the IARU1/2 60m band indicators (and bandtext) to the US channels so you can see the overlap (with Canada soon to get access to both US channals and the IARU1 mapping. You can clearly see the Ch 3 overlap
5/25/18 v2.8.0.81: Fix mistakes in bandtext
5/23/18 v2.8.0.81: Add DTMF keypad tones for those using Repeaters (Must be Transmitting. Either Setup->keyboard and click and hold a button, or from the focused keyboard ALT + key 0-9 and * and # )
4/23/18 v2.8.0.80: Modify: ToolTip's stay active for 12 seconds (instead of 5) if the mouse remains hovering over the target.
4/17/18 v2.8.0.79: Modify: Quick "SPLT" button feature: Right Click toggles +/- 1khz in CW (+/-5khz in SSB). Updated SWL file. Updated BandText, Updated some Turf stuff.
4/12/2018 v2.8.0.78: VFO Lock can optionally toggle between VFOA, VFOAB, VFOB. (Setup->General->Options->VFO Lock A/B)
4/8/2018 v2.8.0.77: Fully automatic Waterfall and Panadapter levels by the "Setup->Display->auto wtr/pan" checkbox
4/7/18 v2.8.0.76: New Quick "SPLT" button feature: Right click to automatically turn ON and toggle between a VFOB TX of +5khz or -5khz split from VFOA. AND: Setup->Display->Split TX Listen checkbox will automatically set the sub-receiver (MultiRX button) to the TX freq during the Split. Update SWL listing (from
03/27/18 v2.8.0.75: Add DX spotter world map Brightness control (setup->Appearance->Display->Map)
03/24/18 v2.8.0.74: PowerMate Knob now has 2 alternate Tune Steps (push Knob to toggle between steps). Add Save state of Voacap (on/off). Fix DXLOC file not fully loading up on startup from a saved ON state.
3/21/18 v2.8.0.73: Now Saves the State of the DX spotter (on/off), and DX Spotting World Map (on/off). If either is running when you power down PowerSDR, they will be "ON" again at Startup
3/19/18 v2.8.0.72: Fix mistake saving changes to TX profile even when auto save is off. Fixed corruption that occured to Skin ke9ns_world
3/14/18: v2.8.0.71 Recompile.
3/11/18 v2.8.0.70: Fix reduce data size for recording Continuum data
3/10/18 v2.8.70: Add "Continuum display mode" Right click on "Continuum" to toggle recording data in .csv data file (dBm vs time, and Ant bearing, if setup with DDutil), Files saved in database folder (right click on TXWaterID callsign box). Add MJD time to continuum csv file output
3/8/18: v2.8.0.69: More BandText updates and SWL2 file updates.
3/6/18 v2.8.0.69: Update BandText file. Update SWL file
2/21/18 v2.8.0.69: Add: Pan Fill Gradient option (setup->Appearance->Display->Pan Fill Gradient). The Fill Alpha still works in Gradient mode, but not the Fill Color. Gradient mode goes from Blue to Violet
2/13/18 v2.8.0.68 Fix Drive Max limit to 100. And Update the SWL file (from
2/9/18 v2.8.0.68: Add Transmit Drive Max value: setup->transmit->Drive Max, sets the max value of TUNE and DRIVE allowed (for those with low drive SS Amplifiers). It does not verify max watts out, just the drive and tune levels.
2/2/18 v2.8.0.67: Fix: ke9ns6_World, Ke9ns3_spot, and ke9ns4_plain skins causing "out of memory" fault
2/1/18 v2.8.0.67: Add Antenna rotor control (set manual beam heading, and read current antenna position) from Spotter window.
01/28/18 v2.8.0.66: Mod: BandText to Pan turns off DX,SWL,MEM spots on Pan to avoid mess
01/27/18 v2.8.0.66: Fix SWL Search mistake,Add color and transparency control for BandText in Pan (setup->Appearance->Display->Grid and BandText)
Add:Right click on VFO BandText area to toggle BandText in Pan on/off. Fix "rx only" checkbox
add 40m PSK to BandText (so Click on the setup->General->Options->Update BandText). Please email with any BandText additions or corrections
01/26/18 v2.8.0.66: Add Display "Panafall8020" (80%pan - 20%waterfall) for RX1 only. Add BandText directly onto Pan Display area (Spotter->BandText to Pan)
01/22/18: v2.8.0.65: Mod FT8 DX Spots move to the correct base FT8 Freq instead of the actual contact Freq. Update dxloc list to add Kosovo Z6 prefix and update SWL files
01/15/18: v2.8.0.64: Fix saving the current Meter type to the database.
01/13/18: v2.8.0.63: Fix combo SWR reading with no RF out
01/11/18 v2.8.0.63: Fix voice keyer buttons (issues that occured after adding the mode,freq,date,time to the quickaudio file name)
01/09/18 v2.6.0.62: For Flex-5000 with 2nd Receiver only: Add NR,ANF,NB, and DSP Windowing can now be applied to RX2 (checkbox allows you to turn ON/OFF apply)
01/06/18 v2.6.0.61: Add Screen Snap Shot feature. Click on the Camera Icon (just next to the ID Timer) to save a JPEG image of the Display Area (Panadapter and Waterfall area). Right Click on Camera to open up Folder "QuickScreen" containing the JPEG images. Setup->General->User Interface->Full Console allows you save the Full PowerSDR console image. Image names contain Mode, Freq, date, and time
If you want to email a screen shot, just right click on the Camera icon, start to COMPOSE your email and just drag and drop the jpeg image from the QuickScreen folder directly into your email. You can do the same with QuickAudioMP3 files, just click on the Wave button->MP3 folder, then drag and drop the mp3 file into your email.
v2.8.0.60: Add Right click on Map button for external map. Added CB channel numbers to SWL2 list
12/17/17 v2.8.0.60: Add: In AM mode, when you drag the RX bandpass from both sides of the center line to one side or the other of the center line, RX automatically switches to SSB mode while TX stays in AM mode
12/12/17 v2.8.0.59: Fix check for corrupt SWR1 plot file. Fix check for missing quickauido file.
12/09/17 v2.8.0.59: Fix NOAA SPWC space weather (Change From ftp to http )
11/29/17 v2.8.0.58: Fix a bunch of Bar Graph meter issues.
11/26/17 v2.8.0.58: Fix Playing QuickAudio over the air caused Receive audio to become distorted (after finished playing QuickAudio). Fix SWR reading 25.0:1 when you MOX the radio with no output power. Now will read 0.0:1 to indicate no output. (original PowerSDR v2.7 only read SWR in TUNE mode)
11/26/17 v2.8.0.58: Fix Bar Graph 2nd meter (2nd TX of Bar Graph meter not hooked up)
11/25/17 v2.8.0.58: Add PTT hang timer (setup->general->Hardware Config->PTT Hang Timer). When Enabled, and you release the MIC, rear PTT, or CAT inputs, PTT delays release for set period of time (mSec) (MOX and VOX are unaffected). Update SWL listing.
11/12/17 v2.8.0.57: Fix RX1 Band buttons not set correctly when RX2 ON and in the SWL bands when RX1 on the Ham bands. Add option for TUN button to trigger TX3 RCA jack (setup->Transmit-> TUN uses TX3 jack) for Flex-5000 only.
11/07/17 v2.8.0.57: Fix 30m bandtext for US region. Fix CWX panel not working after its closed and reopened. Receive only mode (Checkbox) now looks at the PTT input (PTT CLOSED = PowerSDR STOP (NO RX OR TX), PTT OPEN = PowerSDR START in RX only). Words on the right side of the SWL Search screen are now Clickable.
10/30/17 v2.8.0.57: Add "SWL Search" to main PowerSDR console. Fix 17m SWR scanner LOW Freq. Fix Time Server (remove server that is no longer working)
10/24/17 v2.8.0.56: Update BandText for all Turf regions (add FT8 and JT65 Band Text for all regions, and 2m NoV band text for UK_Plus). BandText window is located just below the VFOA/B Freq display. You no longer need to Reset your Database to update the BandText. Setup->General->Options->Update BandText. This will update BandText to the latest PowerSDR ke9ns version defaults. Also option to Reset your BandStack back to defaults when you do an "Update BandText". Also, DX Spotter automatically selects DIGU when a Spotter Freq falls under an FT8 Frequency.

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10/11/17 v2.8.0.55: Modify SWR band Scanner to allow up to 5 seperate recorded "Runs" per band per Ant. If you select "Panadapter" Mode, you can view up to 5 Scans at the same time. Panafall mode allows you to view 1 of the 5.
10/09/17 v2.8.0.54: Update F1 key help screen for SWR Scanner, Space Weather, ID Timer, and Map buttons. Fix Bar Graph meter for VHF S meter level, fix SWL 120m band issue, Added bandtext for FT8/JT65 windows (requires a setup->factory defaults). Update SWL (Short Wave) file from
10/07/17 v2.8.0.54: SWR band Scanner/Plotter/Logger for Flex-5000 & 3000 (see Scanner). Saves SWR band plots by Ant (for Flex-5000) and band. Add VHF S meter correction factor to Bar Graph meter.
09/30/17 v2.8.0.53: Modify weather popout, fix combo meter crash. Bar graph meter is available (left click on the upper meter to cycle through all meter movements)
09/15/17 v2.8.0.52: Add Local Weather flyout panel (North American only, for now). Click on Space weather panel to toggle Space Weather, Space Weather + Local Weather, or OFF. Click on Local Weather panel to turn OFF just Local weather. Data from
Note: Local weather panel will only appear if the PowerSDR console is opened large enough to fit (i.e. space between the space weather panel and the VAC1 button) and the Lat and Long values are in North America.
09/07/17 v2.8.0.51: Firmware Update: fix Australia region 20m band issue (NOTE: These firmware updates will not effect radios programmed for MARS)
08/28/17 v2.8.0.50: Modify: When you activate RX2 and SPLIT mode together, the sub vfoa now defaults to the current vfoa frequency, then when you click VFO Sync on/off, the sub vfoa will again set to the current vfoa frequency.
08/21/17 v2.8.0.49: Update SWL.csv file and fix band text mistake for 31m band (requires a setup->factory defaults to see the new band text)
08/04/17 v2.8.0.49: Fix N1MM+ spectrum display not working when powerSDR console too small (or low res). PowerSDR console still needs to be open with Pan or Panafall turned ON (the PSDR console cannot be minimized). Setup->General->user Interface->N1MM
Fix: FT8 mode in Spotter automatically selects DIGU mode.
Update: SWL listings (from
07/27/17 v2.8.0.48: Add (for the Flex-3000, 5000) Combo Meter to 2nd TX meter (Fwd Power, SWR, ALC, and MIC levels) with Peak-Hold function and Live MIC
07/25/17 v2.8.0.47: Fix D-FM mode. Remove HPF and open up LPF
07/21/17 v2.8.0.45: Firmware and software update: to add additional Turf (Australia) and modify IARU Region 2, in order to keep PowerSDR in Regional alignment with SmartSDR 2.0. You will be asked to update your Flex-1500,3000, and 5000 Firmware the first time you launch PowerSDR
07/18/17 v2.8.0.44: Modify Seperate Alt Tune Step ON checkbox for either PowerMate or FlexControl (setup->general->user interface->Alt tune step PowerMate and FlexControl). update SWL list ( update the DX spot cluster list (remove
07/08/17 v2.8.0.43: Add "Memory" screen UTC Start Time. You can now enter in a Start Time (for changing frequencies and/or recordings on a time schedule), in either Local Time or UTC time. (i.e. Enter in a Local time, and you will see the UTC time below. Or Enter in a UTC time and it will show the equivalent local time above it)
07/07/17 v2.8.0.43: Add another optional VFO Font (Outline version) setup->Appearance->General->Bold & Outline
06/29/17 v2.8.0.43: Output Panadapter to N1MM+ logger Spectrum window (setup->General->User Interface->N1MM). The only caveat is that the PowerSDR Panadapter or Panafall screen needs to be up and running in order for it to provide data to N1MM+ spectrum screen.
06/25/17 v2.8.0.42: Enable VAC2 for Flex 1500,3000, and 5000 without RX2 option. VAC2 on Flex-3000 and Flex-5000 allows the AF slider to change volume level.
06/23/17 v2.8.0.41: Add Time-Out Timer (setup->General->Hardware Config->Time-Out Timer). Cuts off Transmit if you exceed the Time-Out setpoint. Requires you to clear Pop-up Screen before allowing TX again.
06/16/17 v2.8.0.40: Add Phase invert function (setup->Transmit->Phase invert) for your mic audio. To see the difference set the Display mode to Panascope, and toggle the Phase Invert while you transmit
06/14/17 v2.8.0.40: Add: FM Data mode (experimenting). Toggle between FM and D-FM with Left Click of FM button. D-FM has a wider Deviation, removal of HPF, and lower pre-emphasis and de-emphasis. Setup->Transmit->FM Wide MIC checkbox (Uncheck to bypass MIC settings)
First work directly modifying DttSP. Also add the TX Profile to the CW panel

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06/06/17 v2.8.0.39: Add: H3E modulation (experimenting). Transmit Single Side Band AM (full carrier single sideband). Toggle between SAM (which is really DSB-AM), SAM-L, and SAM-U modes. Also, Click on AM to toggle between DSB-AM, AM-L, and AM-U modes as well.

06/05/17 v2.8.0.38: Fix: Right Click on any DX Spot callsign found in the panadater to open up QRZ page.
Right Click on any Memory found in the Panadapter to open up any URL address that was placed in the Comments for that Memory.
Right Click on any SWL Spot found in the Panadapter to open up a Google Search window for that SWL spot.
Left Click + CTRL key will move the DX Spot, Memory, or SWL Spot into the Bandpass and setup the filters and mode.

05/30/17 v2.8.0.37: IDTimer: Left Click to start 10 min timer synced to next minute, but Left Click again to ID on the 10's (every 10 min Interval , synced to the hour)
05/23/17 v2.8.0.36: Fix Russian Turf TX issue. Update SWL (brought to you by: and SWL2 files
05/19/17 v2.8.0.35: Add setup->display->vfo dials (mechanical dials), (as long as the horz res is > 1400) as an experiment.

05/08/17 v2.8.0.34: Firmware updates to the Flex-1500, 3000, and 5000 radios for band turf region updates and alignment to SmartSDR turf regions. If you recently Turfed your radio, you may need to reset your database setup-> factory defaults to see updated band text frequency data.
05/03/17 v2.8.0.33: Fix full installer crash becuase of incorrect PDF file copy over. Now running VS2017
05/01/17 v2.8.0.33: Fix saving and restoring PowerSDR console window in full screen mode (maximize)