Python3 script to continuously download all images/webms of a 4chan thread - without installation
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Python script to download all images/webms of a 4chan thread

Download Script

The main script is called and can be called like this: python [thread/filename]

usage: [-h] [-c] [-d] [-l] [-n] [-r] thread

positional arguments:
  thread              url of the thread (or filename; one url per line)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -c, --with-counter  show a counter next the the image that has been
  -d, --date          show date as well
  -l, --less          show less information (surpresses checking messages)
  -n, --use-names     use thread names instead of the thread ids
  -r, --reload        reload the queue file every 5 minutes

You can parse a file instead of a thread url. In this file you can put as many links as you want, you just have to make sure that there's one url per line. A line is considered to be a url if the first 4 letters of the line start with 'http'.

If you use the --use-names argument, the thread name is used to name the respective thread directory instead of the thread id.

Thread Watcher

This is a work-in-progress script but basic functionality is already given. If you call the script like

python -b vg -q mhg -f queue.txt -n "Monster Hunter"

then it looks for all threads that include mhg inside the vg board, stores the thread url into queue.txt and adds /Monster-Hunter at the end of the url so that you can use the --use-names argument from the actual download script.


The current scripts are written in python3, in case you still use python2 you can use an old version of the script inside the legacy directory.