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Using Exchange Analyzer

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Installing Exchange Analyzer

Exchange Analyzer consists of a series of PowerShell scripts, PowerShell modules, and XML data files. Installation is performed manually using the following steps.

  1. Download the latest Zip file from the TechNet Script Gallery.

  2. Extract or copy the following files and folders to a computer that has the Exchange 2013/2016 management shell installed. For example, place all of the files and folders in a C:\Scripts\ExchangeAnalyzer folder.

    • Run-ExchangeAnalyzer.ps1
    • \Data
    • \Modules
    • \Tests
  3. Check the files and unblock them if required.

  4. Copy the folders in the Modules folder to C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\

  5. Open a new Exchange Management Shell console.

Running Exchange Analyzer

To run the Exchange Analyzer open an Exchange management shell, navigate to the folder with the script files (e.g. C:\Scripts\ExchangeAnalyzer) and run:


To see verbose output run:

.\Run-ExchangeAnalyzer.ps1 -Verbose

Exchange Analyzer Output

Internet Explorer will automatically open the HTML report when the script has finished. The report contains information about the tests that were performed, and their results (such as "Passed" or "Failed"). Links to more information is provided for most tests.

Exchange Analyzer Sample Report

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