@advancingu advancingu released this Jan 28, 2018 · 27 commits to ec-4.0 since this release

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  • Code beautifiers are available for JavaScript, XML, XUL and RDF files
  • Translations are now managed with the Transifex tools.
    You can participate with our Transifex project
  • New locales: cs-CZ, pl, sk
  • Thunderbird Global Search preferences to explain that emailtag need them and won't work if disabled.


  • Use Makefile instead of custom build shell (#98)
  • Update install.rdf, README with new community
  • Builds now will disable automatic update checker to avoid issue with new forks
  • XML requests sent to Exchange servers now set "utf-8" for Content-Type HTTP header.
  • Logs now redirects to ExchangeCalendar Github community (#92)
  • Code tree has been structured to distinguish parts of the module (#80)
    Current parts are now: addressbook, calendar, common and emailtag
    Namespaces were updated too to reflect the new code structure.


  • Compatibilty with Lightning 5.4.2 and the new option to edit events and tasks from tabs (#60)
  • Some events were hidden from month view due to TimeZone errors (#67)
  • Hide password in logs if requested (#100)
  • Hide password shown in dialog boxes (#103)


  • email root directory contained only empty codes.
  • debug preferences were always enabled, they are now removed (#133)
    It was disabling cache and forced the Thunderbird Global Search Indexer to be enabled.