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Tree of Savior Addons


  • Experience viewer
  • Map fog viewer
  • Enhanced monster frames
  • Monster kill tracker for journal
  • Guildmates - Displays character level and character name in a tooltip. Adds party request, friend request, and character info to the context menu.
  • Zoomy - Allows you to zoom in/out by holding LEFTALT+PLUS or LEFTALT+MINUS.
  • Developer Console - A window that's useful for development. Type /dev to open it.
  • Experience Card Calculator - Automatically calculates your card level based on experience cards in your inventory.
  • Played - /played displays time played.

Download / Installation

All addons should be installed via the Addon Manager. No more loaders needed. This addon manager should handle everything real easily.

If you have previous addons installed, it's best to delete them all and start from scratch using this app. This includes the addons folder and all of the previous ipfs (including SumAni.ipf!). No more loaders needed.