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#Amazon ECS PHP Library Version 1.2 AmazonECS is a class which searchs products and fetchs information about it from tha amazon productdatabase.

This is realized by the Product Advertising API (former ECS) from Amazon WS Front.

The AmazonECS class fetchs productinformation via SOAP Requests directly from the Amazon-Database.

It supports two basic operations: ItemSearch and ItemLookup (Version <= 1.0) and three operations: ItemSearch, ItemLookup and BrowseNodeLookup (Version >= 1.1)

These operations could be expanded with extra prarmeters to specialize the query.

Requirement is the PHP extension SOAP.

##Basic Usage:

require_once 'lib/AmazonECS.class.php';
$client = new AmazonECS('YOUT API KEY', 'YOUR SECRET KEY', 'DE');

$response  = $client->category('Books')->search('PHP 5');

For some very simple examples go to the samples-folder and have a look at the sample files. These files contain all information you need for building querys successful.

##Webservice Documentation: Hosted on

##More information: See wikipages for more information: