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Issuetracker for Devinity Battle Royale
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Battle Royale Issuetracker

This is used to track bugs/issues and requests more easily with the community.


Github uses labels for easier grouping, here's an explanation of them:

  • Idea - A minor request which is easy to implement. A weapon is not easy to implement, changing font of the scoreboard is.
  • Major Idea - A large request which might/will take a long time to develop. Including weapons, new menus, other functionality.
  • Modification - A balancing or other type of modification that's required to make the gamemode better. This is different from a bug where a bug is a direct issue where modification is more an annoyancey type of thing.
  • Bug - A gameplay or non-gameplay breaking issue. Code-wise or content-wise.
  • Higgs Bugson - A bug which is hard to reproduce and only show up during specific circumstances.
  • Needs Testing - A fixed bug or implemented feature that needs testing to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Priority - A feature/bug that has prioritization over other issues.
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