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AIX Build Notes

Originally posted to the exim-users EximMailingLists - archived at

  • original author was Mike Meredith

Just a few notes from building Exim (4.44+exiscan) on an AIX (5.3L) box ... in case someone else needs the info, or in case someone spots me doing something stupid (I'm new to AIX).

  1. Change CC to gcc in OS/Makefile-AIX (no cc installed by default)

  2. Change CFLAGS in OS/Makefile-AIX :-

    1. Remove -D:underline:`STR31` (this may not be necessary but it works without)

    2. Add '-mcpu=power4 -maix64 -O3'

You also need to edit src/exim.h and remove the guard around

#define SOCKLEN_T socklen_t

AIX has SOCKLAN_T defined in the standard headers as blank. Yes this should go in OS/os-AIX.h, but the change isn't effective there.

Note: The changes in OS/Makefile-AIX introduced with Exim 4.50 will break building on AIX 4.3 with at least the cc of /usr/ibmcxx/bin.