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Using Exim Bugzilla

The Exim Bugzilla front page can be found at

There are some URL shortcuts:-

Email to is appended to (pre-existing) bug 123. It's still not possible to add attachments to bugs by mail.

Wishlist items are filed as bugs with severity set to wishlist.

You do need to set yourself up an account within Bugzilla before you can create or change a bug report (including by email). You can view reports without requiring an account.

Bug reports and changes are generally copied to the exim-dev EximMailingLists.

Categories In Bugzilla

We have 2 products:-

  • Exim - the main package
  • Infrastructure - support stuff like the website, the mailing lists, bugzilla etc

Infrastructure Components

  • Sesame
  • Web
  • Ftp
  • Mailing lists
  • Mirrors

Please can all requests for alterations or whatever related to infrastructure be logged as a Bugzilla issue - otherwise I tend to lose/forget stuff.

Exim Components

  • Documentation
  • Test harness
  • Release process
  • Packaging (ie support for RPMs etc)
  • Lookups
  • Mail Receipt
  • Queues
  • ACLs
  • Routing
  • Transports
  • SMTP Authentication
  • TLS (Encryption)
  • Filters - Exim
  • Filters - Sieve
  • Content Scanning
  • Address Rewriting
  • Logging
  • Networking
  • Utilities - Monitor
  • Utilities - Eximstats
  • Utilities - Exigrep
  • Utilities - Exipick
  • Utilities - db
  • Utilities - other
  • Experimental
  • Unfiled (Email files into here as do people that are unsure)

Closing bugs via CVS commits

People with CVS commit access can automatically close (or more accurately, resolve as fixed) bugs by listing the bugs in the commit log entry using a special format:

  • fixes bug 123
  • closes bug 123
  • bug 123

In addition to closing the bug(s) and adding the log entry as a comment, a list of the files committed will be added, showing their previous and new version numbers, and the number of lines added and removed, with links to ViewVC.

  • "closes" or "fixes" causes a status change to the bug, otherwise the bug is left in the same state
  • Capitalization is insignificant.