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Comments On Wiki

There is a lot of information that we have that can be jammed into the wiki. The real problem is organising things sensibly. I would really appreciate comments added to this with ideas and opinions on how we should organise things. For example how do we put the FrequentlyAskedQuestions into the wiki - it needs hierarchy because its pretty big, but how do we achieve that? -- NigelMetheringham

Some Suggestions

As for organising information on this Wiki, I suggest to apply the following structure:

  1. Aim - Definition of the Aim/purpose/goal of this Wiki

  2. Introduction - Answering the questions: Why was this wiki created? Who setup this Wiki? What is the plan to achieve the goal? What is the current status? What are the next steps? How is the information on the Wiki Organised?

  3. System definition - Definition of the 'Exim' system, by describing the systems context / surrounding systems (mail servers, clients, agents).

  4. System functional description (Use cases) - Identification, definition, and description of exim's use cases and the related interactions between Exim and it's surrounding systems as mentioned above.

  5. System technical description (Use Case Realisations) - description of Exim's internal workings for the mentioned use cases.

  6. System non-functional description - Addresses all non-functional aspects of the system by identifying, defining and describing these aspects for exim.

  7. System deployment options - description of the different ways that exim can be used.

  8. System Environment - the operating systems that Exim supports.

  9. System Configuration

  10. Exim FAQ

In essence, the FAQ is nothing less than an alternative view to the Exim information in the wiki and contains pointers to documentation in the other chapters.

By the way: I had entered more information, but I received an error message and they got lost... -- FreekDriesenaar

Does the MoinMoin software deliver Wiki changes as a RSS feed? If so, can the link to the feed please be put on the Wiki home page? -- ZugSchlus

Yes - but it was not showing the icon, which I have now fixed. Look on the RecentChanges page (top right). -- -- NigelMetheringham `DateTime(2005-02-28T13:57:12Z)`_

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