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Commercial Exim

Here are a list of companies, in no particular order, who provide commercial Exim offerings. Any company can be added to this list. The companies on this list are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by the Exim group.

  • IT Schlungen - We offer Exim training from project experienced trainers as well as other open source technologies.
  • Cardwell IT - We offer Exim consultancy. We can design, build and modify complex Exim configurations.
  • cPanel - We offer direct support for all cPanel & WHM license owners, including Exim configurations and support.
  • schlittermann - Due to Exim experience back to Smail we can offer Exim training, consulting, operating and source code hacking.
  • Pantek - We offer advanced Exim technical support 24/7/365. Experts are standing by, you can Open a Ticket or call +1-216-344-1614 and receive support within one hour.
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