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Nigel Metheringham edited this page Nov 25, 2012 · 1 revision

Exim 3 on Debian GNU/Linux

exim 3 is the default MTA for the current stable version of Debian GNU/Linux, woody. This is a bad thing since exim 3 has no support any more from the exim upstream.

If you have a problem with exim 3 on Debian, please do not ask on the exim-users mailing list. You might get help on the Debian exim 4 users mailing list.

Debian testing and unstable have exim 3 packages. They are provided to aid updating from woody. Do not use them for new installations, and please consider updating to exim 4 as soon as possible.

The Debian exim 4 maintainers have packages for the current stable version, woody, available and try to support them as well as the development versions. You can apt them from, courtesy of