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Sometimes some of the automatic spam systems try just to connect and send smtp command not waiting for a banner or any response from our SMTP server. To protect from such behavior we provide some delays.

In this example we delay only banner advertisement which is enough to detect such behavior. If you want you can provide delay on the other SMTP commands, but i think it's not necessary.

If your SMTP server is used to receive and send e-mails it's problem for your clients delaying them. To prevent it, we set exim to listen on two different IPs. One of them is used as mx for our domains, and another ip is used for our clients to send their e-mails. We do delaying only for one of those IPs - the MX one.

To get random numbers i use mysql.


   accept hosts = *
          condition   = ${if eq{$interface_address}{xx.xx.xx.xx}{1}{0}}
          delay       = ${lookup mysql{SELECT OCT(RAND()*10)}}s


Alle the clients that does not wait for a banner are rejected with protocol violation message.

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