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Exim Development

Source Access

Exim source is no longer kept within CVS, and has been transitioned to Git. The CVS section of this page has been deleted.


Exim has a git repository at:

  • git://git.exim.org/exim.git

There is a web interface to this, giving change and source visibility at:

Exim developers may push trees into their own workspace on tahini - these can be seen with the web interface at

Individual developer repos will start with users/username/

There is a mirror at https://github.com/Exim/exim however this may sometimes be out of sync with the master until we refine the processes.

Further information on using Git for Exim Development can be found in EximGit

Bug Tracking

There is a bugzilla instance at http://bugs.exim.org/ - see BugZilla

Mailing List

Development issues are normally discussed on the exim-dev EximMailingLists

Build Farm

If you want to support the developers in spotting regressions introduced during development, especially on less-common platforms. please consider operating a buildfarm animal.

Exim Release Process

See EximRelease

New Committers

The commit-bit is inflicted after nomination by an existing committer and no objections raised.

See EximNewCommitter for steps you might want to follow.

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