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How to use iCloud as an outgoing mail server

For development machines, it is useful to send each and every mail to the same e-mail adress. This way mails can't "leak" into the real world.

I have set up Exim on my development machines to use Apple iCloud as the outgoing MTA, rewriting all mail to my own e-mail adress. The subject clearly indicates that this mail is coming from a development machine.

Setting up exim like this isn't obvious. You need to rewrite all From's and the To, and use the correct authentication method.

To set up exim like that, use (and modify) the following exim.conf:

# Exim config file for dev server: always send all mail to a single e-mail adress, using Apple iCloud

# We don't have IPv6
disable_ipv6 = true

SENDALLMAILTO = your_email@address
SENDALLMAILFROM = your_email@address
SUBJ_INTRO = Development -
SMTP_PASSWD = your_icloud_password
local_interfaces =
# Access list definitions
acl_smtp_mail = accept_all
acl_smtp_rcpt = accept_all
acl_smtp_data = accept_all
# The actual access lists (accept all, for debugging purposes)
begin acl
accept_all: accept
# The routers: Only one to send to the SMTP gateway
begin routers
  #Modify the Subject, to indicate it is a special mail
  headers_remove = Subject
  headers_add = "Subject: SUBJ_INTRO $h_subject"
  driver = manualroute
  transport = remote_smtp
  route_list = * OUTGOINGSMTP
begin transports
  # Send to the following SMTP server
  driver = smtp
  port = SMTP_PORT
  hosts_require_auth = OUTGOINGSMTP
  hosts_require_tls = OUTGOINGSMTP
  hosts_try_auth = OUTGOINGSMTP
begin authenticators
  driver = plaintext
  public_name = LOGIN
  hide client_send = : SMTP_USERID : SMTP_PASSWD
# IMPORTANT: Always rewrite the destination e-mail address
# For iCloud, rewriting the From address is necessary too.
begin rewrite