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Email: `MailTo(eximwiki AT plonk DOT de)`_

Another Exim user, having it running on Linux. Virtual setup with mysql and tpop3d and a small one with plain text files (lsearch).

I came to Exim in 2001 (I think), when I worked for an ISP and wanted to switch the cumbersome sendmail-installation with system-users to something more sophisticated. I found tpop3d, which is a nice piece of software. It has an interface to mysql and mentioned Exim as one of the MTAs offering the same, so a started do fiddle with it and was thrilled about the easyness and possibilities of Exim.

Other software I use for mail services is: dovecot (imap-server), mlmmj (mailing-list), spamassassin, H+B antivir.

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