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Mailing List Policies

Details of policies applied to the EximMailingLists. You will also find it instructive to read MailingListEtiquette for the social rules used on the list.


All the lists are archived. All the archives, except that for exim-maintainers are public.

Posting to the list is taken as permission to post the message to the archive, additionally you are informed when joining the list that the list is publically archived.

Requests to have information removed from the archives are not welcomed as they create significant work for maintainers and are a rewriting of history. In cases of accidental exposure of confidential information archive removal will be looked at, however many other sites also archive our lists and removing exposed information can never be fully effective.


All lists require you to be a member to post directly (except exim-announce which is fully moderated). A non-member posting to the list will find that their posting is moderated.

Posts that look like spam, have too many addresses in the To/Cc headers, are from suspect addresses etc may also be moderated.

Moderated Posts

This policy has changed in October 2006 - this information reflects current policy

  • No message is sent to a user who has a post held for moderation (this is to prevent backscatter spam)
  • Moderators are given a summary of held messages once a day - they can then allow moderated messages through.
  • Thus a moderated message just disappears for a while. This is not a good situation but cannot be improved without full time moderators or without creating backscatter spam).

Please do not resend moderated requests unless you realise that the original was from an unsubscribed address - in this case you may find the original gets posted too since moderators do not necessarily remember every message that has hit the list.