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Philip Hazel

Email: localpart=ph10

Er, I suppose I'd better say something. I wrote Exim for use at the University of Cambridge, thinking maybe a few other places would pick it up. I'm still flabbergasted at how widely it has spread. For those who want to know more about me, here's the BIO that I give to conference organizers:

Philip Hazel grew up in South Africa. He has a PhD in applied mathematics, and has spent the last 30 years writing general-purpose software for the Computing Service at the University of Cambridge in England. Some major projects were text editors and text formatters for use on an IBM mainframe system. Since moving from the mainframe to Unix around 1990, he has become more and more involved with email. This lead to his starting to develop Exim in 1995, and the PCRE regular expression library two years later. These open source projects have both turned out to be larger and more successful that expected. Outside interests include classical music (as a choral singer and late convert to viola playing), music typsetting, working backstage in amateur theatre, and finding nice places to go walking, preferably not as flat as Cambridgeshire. Philip is married, and has three grown-up sons.

You want a picture? Hmm, let's see if I can learn how do that ... Here you go...

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