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Exim is timing out after receiving and responding to the DATA command from one particular host, and yet the client host also claims to be timing out. This seems to affect only certain messages.


This kind of problem can have many different causes.

  1. This problem has been seen with a network that was dropping all ets over a certain size, which mean that the first part of the SMTP saction worked, but when the body of a large message started ing, the main data bits never got through the network. See also 7.

  2. This can also happen if a host has a broken TCP stack and won't semble fragmented datagrams.

  3. A very few ISDN lines have been seen which failed when certain data erns were sent through them, and replacing the routers at both end he link did not fix things. One of them was triggered by more than 4 in a row in the data.

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