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Some of our users have no home directories; the field in the password file contains /no/home/dir. This causes the error failed to stat /no/home/dir (No such file or directory) when Exim tries to look for a .forward file, and the delivery is deferred.


There are two issues involved here:

  1. With the default configuration, you are asking Exim to check for a orward) file in the user's home directory. If no file is found, tries to ''stat()'' the home directory. This is so that it will ce a missing NFS home directory, and not treat it as if the orward) file did not exist. This stat() is failing when the directory really doesn't exist. You should arrange for the erforward%router not to run for these special users, by adding line:
condition = ${if eq {$home}{/no/home/dir}{no}{yes}}
  1. If you use check_local_user on another router to route to a local sport (again, this is what is in the default configuration), you also have to specify a current directory for the transport, because efault it makes the home directory current. This is easily done by ng
current_directory = /

to the transport or

transport_current_directory = /

to the router. Or you can add home_directory to the transport, because the current directory defaults to the home directory.