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How can I run customized verification checks on incoming addresses?


There are a number of possibilities:

  1. If you can implement your checks in Perl, you can use Exim's lity for running an embedded Perl interpreter. For example, if you to run special checks on local addresses, you could use ACL tatement like this:
require domains = my.local.domain
        condition = ${perl{verify}{$local_part}}

The result of the Perl function should be yes or no .

  1. You could also run an external program in a similar way, by a ement such as:
require domains = my.local.domain
        condition = ${run{/my/verifier $local_part}}

This requires the use of another process, so could prove more expensive than Perl.

  1. If you are prepared to write C code, read the chapter in the manual tled Adding a local scan function to Exim.

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